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Our Dream Maternity Session!


May 24, 2020

Currently we are expecting baby #2… and this time it’s a girl!!! I have been dreaming about our maternity pictures since the day I found out we were pregnant. Being a photographer myself, I had very high hopes for our images and I have to say, I am so thankful to Amy at Crib Tales Photography for making my dreams come true!!! I could not be happier with how beautifully she captured our love, growing family, and (bonus!) lots of smiles from Ethan. Photographing toddlers should be an Olympic sport! haha. It was so fun to be on the other side of the lens and to have such a talented photographer capture these sweet memories for us.

This pregnancy has been interesting for sure. My first trimester was really hard as I felt so nauseous and extremely fatigued. The cold dark winter days didn’t help either. Then as I finally started feeling better in my second trimester, the COVID-19 situation came into our lives. Feeling isolated from friends and family and very anxious about everything going on in the world was really difficult. It has been a lonely and stressful time.

But sitting here, looking through these beautiful images and feeling sweet baby kicks, I am feeling hopeful and I know that good and wonderful things are on the horizon! I have SO MUCH to be thankful for and this sweet little girl is on the top of that list! I can’t believe in as little as 12 weeks we will be meeting the person who will complete our family and make Ethan a big brother. So that being said, bring on the pink!!!