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The ES Photo Rebrand!


March 7, 2024

Custom branding has been on my wish list for a long time, and I am thrilled to say, I finally did it!!! I started my photography business with a cute little logo from Etsy, and I kept the colors and fonts that came with my website template. They carried me through my first 5 year in business, and I loved them! But over time, I realized I had outgrown those elements. I was ready to invest in something that was truly aligned with my style and would help set me apart. Enter, the Elena Spraguer Photo Rebrand!

I carefully considered a few branding experts, but I found myself continually coming back to Lauren at Lyra Studios. I could tell that she would be a dream to work with, and I was right! We clicked right away, and I am so grateful I chose her to do my rebrand. I’ll be honest, I was so nervous waiting to get the design back. I am a perfectionist and I didn’t know what the final product would look like. But I knew she was a professional and I just needed to trust her. And oh my heavens, did she surpass my expectations!!!

The Message

One of the many things I loved about working with Lauren was that she took the time to get to the heart of my brand. The worksheets she sent me were full of questions that made me dig deep into what my brand is all about. Because a brand is so much more than just a logo. It’s the ESSENSE of who you are, what you believe, who you are called to serve, and why you do what you do. When you think of Disney, do you think of their logo? Or do phrases like “magical” and “childhood memories” come to mind? It’s about how the brand makes people feel.

After a lot of soul searching, this is my brand story.

“Elena Spraguer Photography provides a luxury photography experience, serving kindhearted brides and mamas who value preserving life’s most beautiful moments through timeless, light filled imagery and quality heirlooms that will last for generations.”

The Color Pallet

The brand color pallet mirrors the soft, ethereal look I strive for in my photography work. It reminds me of a perfect beach. The white sand, the greenish blues of the water, and the soft pinks in the sky as the sun sets. It’s light and feminine, and is truly my perfect aesthetic. I originally told Lauren I was drawn to light blues, but that is a very popular color in the wedding industry, and she wanted to make sure that my brand stood out. At first I was surprised by the blue-greens in the color pallet, and then I immediately fell in love with them. And I kept my beloved blush color, which has been with me since day one!

The Personal Touches

Lauren said, “I aim to take lots of visual inspiration from high end weddings, florals, and nature. This will manifest itself through the design, communicating a high end, romantic feel.” All of the logos are beautifully cohesive, and the fonts are both modern and elegant. And quite possibly my favorite part is the hand drawn floral with delicate details, and the gorgeous custom brand pattern! I love knowing that because these elements were designed just for me, I will be the only one who has them.

I am so excited to enter into this next season with a brand message and an aesthetic that is true to the heart of my business. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

xo, Elena

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