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Gorgeous Family Worship Session


October 16, 2020

I said it during out shoot and it’s true… this was one of my favorite sessions ever! I met Jamie through church as I was in a Bible study she led. I loved getting to know her in that setting, seeing her sweet and bubbly personality and her passion for the Lord. When we were going over the details of their shoot she asked me if her husband Paul could bring his guitar as they enjoyed worshiping together as a family. I LOVED the idea!

When we arrived for the shoot I immediately could feel the love and joy in this family. They constantly made each other laugh and I could tell they really enjoyed being together. Jamie asked for some romantic shots of her and Paul which made me so happy. You could just feel how much Paul adores Jamie and how much she loves her man! Their sweet daughter Aftyn was an absolute joy as well. Seeing her snuggled up in her daddy’s arms with such a content expression said it all.

My favorite part by far though was when Paul started playing his guitar and the three of them spent some time worshiping the Lord together. It was absolutely beautiful. Seeing their love for God and each other come through in each image was just amazing. I so enjoyed working with this family. Paul and Jamie, thank you for being up for anything and for putting up with my constant squealing about how pretty the light was!!!

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